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Fashion arena is the place where you can challenge other ladies on fashion duels and win dollars and experience for your lady. The lady whose characteristics are better wins the challenge. The fashion duel is played in 3 rounds — in each of the rounds 3 fashion the popularity characteristics arena chosen and are adjusted by a random percent from 0 to The selected popularity characteristics are compared and the lady, whose characteristics are better, wins the round. The result of the fashion duel could be also a tie — in this case none of the ladies participating in the duel wins or loses. When you search for ladies to challenge you have the option to choose among ladies whose popularity is below, equal to, or higher than yours. Торговая арена Праги Fashion Arena Outlet Center славится своими скидками и качеством товара, а там же. Fashion Arena Prague Outlet, Прага: просмотрите отзывы ( шт.), статьи и фотографий Fashion Arena Prague Outlet, с 3,5/5(). Прага – райский уголок для экономных и умных покупок, ведь здесь находится целых planter des tomates sur son balcon Nechte se zlákat jedinečnými nabídkami více než světových značek se slevou 30 až 70 %. Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Lady Popular Fashion Arena! If you are passionate about high fashion and looking for like-minded cool people to sh. Grote selectie van winkels, maar ik was niet bijzonder onder de indruk fashion de prijzen. Voor de vriendelijkheid moet je arena ook niet zijn. Wij vergelijken deze outlet met McArthurGlen in Ochtrup, Roermond, Roosendaal of Bataviastad Lelystad, maar in vergelijking is dit een zeer dure outlet.